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This section offers the latest news from the museum, on planned events and more.

This holiday month it is important to note that the museum has communicated special hours for the holidays: in particular, the Accademia Gallery will be open on Monday, December 24th and 31st, from 8:15 to 6:00 pm (last admission at 5:30 pm). These are both special openings since the museum is usually closed on Mondays.

It will be closed on Tuesday, December 25th and Tuesday, January 1st, then be open again on Wednesday,  December 26 from 8.15 to 18.50 (last admission at 18.20) and again on Wednesday, January 2.

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The director of the Accademia just announced this past week that the Accademia Gallery will also be open every single Thursday evening, until 10pm, during this summer.

Starting June 14 and until September 27th, visitors will be able to stay at the museum past the normal closing time of 6.50pm, often enjoying a quieter museum as many visitors head off to their dinner meal. The ticket office will close at 9.30pm.

This longer evening opening is in addition to the ones already planned for every Tuesday this summer.

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The Accademia Gallery has just confirmed it will be open this weekend as part of the “European Night at the Museum” event sponsored by the EU’s European Council and ICOM designed to promote a European cultural identity across its member states. This means that this weekend on Saturday evening the Accademia will be open from 7pm to 10pm as an extra special opening.

Entrance to the museum during these extra hours on Saturday will cost a symbolic 1 euro (those who enter free or reduced generally will pay nothing). You CANNOT book tickets ahead for visits during these hours.

This weekend is also the 3rd edition of the Festa dei Musei, or Museum Festival, an Italian event organized by MiBACT, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Tourism. You can read more about the events organized for the Festa on this link.


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Special openings for Easter

As the Easter holiday comes close, the director’s office of the Accademia museum in Florence has communicated its hours. In particular, it has confirmed that the museum will be open with free entrance for all on Easter Sunday, April 1st because it is the first Sunday of the month. It will also be open, with a special opening, on Monday, April 2nd. On both days, the museum will have regular hours, from 8:15am to 6:50pm. On both day, and up until April 15th, visitors will get a chance to see the temporary exhibit “Textiles and Riches in 14th century Florence: Wool, silk and paintings”.

It has also confirmed it will have regular opening times on April 25th, from 8:15am-6:50pm.

Finally, to give visitors a chance to enjoy a long weekend over May 1st, the museum will actually have a special opening on Monday, April 30th, again with regular hours 8:15am-6:50pm.

It is possibile to prebook tickets to visit on all of these days by calling the museum’s call center at 055.294883, except for Sunday, April 1st as it is the first Sunday of the month with free entrance and thus tickets cannot be pre-booked for that day.

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The director of the Galleria dell’Accademia, Cecilie Hollberg, has just announced that the museum will continue this summer offering longer opening hours every Tuesday from June until September.

Starting June 5 and continuing until the end of September (the last on the 25th), visitors to the magnificent city of Florence can also choose to spend the evening at the Accademia up until 10pm. Ticket office will close at 9.30pm. Entrance during these longer hours is with paid entry.

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The Accademia Gallery will have a special opening on Monday, August 14 to give everyone who is in Florence for the long weekend of “Ferragosto” the chance to visit the museum. Opening hours will be a full day, from 8.15 – 18.50, thanks to the agreement reached by the museum and labor union representatives.

On the day of Ferragosto, Tuesday August 15 (a national holiday), the museum will be open following usual opening times, from 8.15 to 18.50.

To prebook your visit, the best option is to call the museum call center at 055.234883.

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For the entire summer of 2017, enjoy summer evenings and longer opening hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays to visit the Accademia Gallery!

In fact, if you’re in Florence one either of those days between the end of June and September, it makes sense to head to the museum later in the day when the larger crowds of the day are gone. Many, in fact, visit Florence as a day trip and leave town by around 5 or 6pm. So take advantage that the Accademia will be open until 10pm on all Tuesdays and Thursdays from now until the end of September!

Paid entrance on these days – you can book online or by phone if you want to pre-book tickets. Or you can remain flexible and just try heading directly – you might not find a line! Ticket office closes at 9:30pm. Read more about booking options here.

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This Saturday, May 20th, head to the Accademia Gallery in the evening hours to enjoy the special opening for the European Museum Night 2017. Open from 7pm to 10pm, you can visit the Accademia for just 1 euro, a symbolic entrance fee.

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We just learned that several Italian trade unions have announced a general strike for the entire day on March 8th.

This affects both the private and public sector. As such, the Accademia Gallery will guarantee opening of the museums only for the morning hours, from 8.15am to 1.50pm.

The afternoon hours are not guaranteed, as it will depend on the personnel that adheres to the strike. Visit the Accademia tomorrow knowing this, prepare for long lines or to not be able to enter at all.

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The Accademia Gallery is offering FREE entry to all women on Women’s International Day, March 8th!

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