Buy Tickets for the Accademia Gallery

The Accademia Gallery is Florence’s most visited museum right after the Uffizi Gallery. The original statue of Michelangelo’s famous David actually has made the Accademia the most popular, and making the statue the most admired work in all of Florence’s museums.

Long lines often form in front of the Accademia as visitors wait to enter and buy tickets. For this reason, we recommend to book your tickets ahead of time. By booking ahead, you gain access to the Accademia through a separate, reserved entrance.

Enjoy your time in Florence admiring all of its precious works of art from the Renaissance without wasting time in line!

How do I purchase tickets to the Accademia?

There are several ways to book your museum tickets ahead of time, either by phone or online. The most economic way is through the phone (although you will have to pay for the international call). On the other hand, you can book online for the convenience of booking your tickets right now!

  1. Phone: call +39-055-294-883 to book by phone (keep in mind the time difference with Italy which is +1 UTC and phone center operating hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm)
  2. Online: you have several options online, depending on whether you’re interested in just tickets or a tour as well, and if you’re coming during the high season in Florence, you might find tickets at one online seller but not another. The most convenient is always through the official reseller, B-ticket, so check on their website first for tickets to the Accademia Gallery.
  3. Guided tours: If you’re interested in visiting the museum with a guide, wait to buy tickets! You need to book the tour… and the cost includes your museum entrance ticket! Check out our recommendations on the Guided Tours page!

Museum Hours and more

For more complete information on museum hours, closing days, what to see, go to our Plan Your Visit section.

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