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New Sacristy in Medici Chapels

The New Sacristy at the Medici Chapels – works by Michelangelo

The Medici clan was a powerful force to be reckoned with in Florence, as you might already know. The church of San Lorenzo was their “official” church, from their time of living in Palazzo Medici (now known as Medici-Riccardi) just a few steps away.

The church, and then the Medici chapels, were to become the final resting place for this important family.

If you’re interested in visiting Florence following a “Michelangelo” itinerary, you have to visit the Medici chapels with its New Sacristy, built by Michelangelo between 1520 and 1534. Here, you’ll find the final resting place of the Dukes Lorenzo and Giuliano of the Medici clan. Michelangelo finished the statues of the two dukes, the allegories of Dawn and Dusk, Night and Day and the Madonna and Child placed above another sarcophagus. The figure of Night is considered by many as one of Michelangelo’s finest. After visiting the Accademia Gallery and admiring some of Michelangelo’s finest works, you’ll be able to admire these and see whether you agree.

Before you arrive in the New Sacristy, you’ll pass by the crypt, where minor members of the Medici clan are resting and then through the magnificent Chapel of the Princes, where six Medici Grand Dukes of Tuscany rest. This is an impressive space, with all of the precious stones inlaid to decorate the chapel. A must-see in Florence!

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