Free Entrance During Museum Week March 5-10


The Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Tourism recently announced changes to the calendar of free days at state museums, which includes the Accademia Gallery, starting at the end of February.

The main change is that the #FreeFirstSundays of the month, when entrance is free to everyone, will be guaranteed from October through March… but the other months are up to each independent museum. Since the Accademia Gallery museum director, Cecilie Hollberg, has for now not announced any changes, we can assume that the museum will continue to do free entrance on the first Sundays of the month even prior to October (until further notice). So the next free first Sunday of the month is this coming up Sunday, March 3.

Add to that another important update: every year, State museums will have a week of free entrance during “Museum Week” and this year the week is coming up soon, from March 5-10. During this week, entrance is free for everyone which also means that tickets CANNOT be booked ahead of time. You will have to stand in line along with everyone else. It has been announced that the week will change period each year, so don’t assume that it will be again in March in 2020.

During Museum Week, the Accademia museum will observe regular hours: Tuesday – Sunday 8:15am-6:50pm, ticket office closes 30 minutes prior.

Another announced change that needs a bit more information is that the reduced ticket price for EU citizens between 18-25 will be 2 euros, we will offer more details as soon as we know more!

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