Easter at the Museum


Special openings for Easter

As the Easter holiday comes close, the director’s office of the Accademia museum in Florence has communicated its hours. In particular, it has confirmed that the museum will be open with free entrance for all on Easter Sunday, April 1st because it is the first Sunday of the month. It will also be open, with a special opening, on Monday, April 2nd. On both days, the museum will have regular hours, from 8:15am to 6:50pm. On both day, and up until April 15th, visitors will get a chance to see the temporary exhibit “Textiles and Riches in 14th century Florence: Wool, silk and paintings”.

It has also confirmed it will have regular opening times on April 25th, from 8:15am-6:50pm.

Finally, to give visitors a chance to enjoy a long weekend over May 1st, the museum will actually have a special opening on Monday, April 30th, again with regular hours 8:15am-6:50pm.

It is possibile to prebook tickets to visit on all of these days by calling the museum’s call center at 055.294883, except for Sunday, April 1st as it is the first Sunday of the month with free entrance and thus tickets cannot be pre-booked for that day.

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